Diana Garrett

SURFSET® Fitness Master Trainer & Ambassador; NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Diana learned to surf more than 15 years ago in San Diego, and she’s been riding waves (in the ocean or on the RipSurfer X!) ever since. As a surfer and former competitive gymnast, acrobatic performer, and gymnastics coach, her fitness focus has always been on core strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. It’s no surprise that her SURFSET® Fitness classes combine all four in fun, surf-inspired interval workouts!

While Diana has surfed the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, you can usually find her riding her funboard at Long Beach, NY or Spring Lake, NJ. Diana’s SURFSET® Fitness classes bring the excitement of surfing to land, whether you want the rush of catching a wave, the lean strength of a surfer, or just a fun way to stay in shape.


Aaron Thouvenin

SURFSET® Fitness Master Trainer & Ambassador

Aaron has always been a sport and fitness competitor and enthusiast. He developed a passion for surfing while attending college and pursuing a basketball career in Australia, and has never looked back. He combines the fun, free spirit of the surf lifestyle with the training regimen of a competitive athlete, and is a true believer in the fitness and spiritual benefits of surfing. Most importantly, he believes fitness should be as fun as surfing!

Aaron has personally experienced the benefits of SURFSET® Fitness classes and the RipSurfer X since SURFSET first launched in 2011. After years of working and studying techniques with trainers from various areas, he tried SURFSET® Fitness and was hooked. As a SURFSET® Brand Ambassador, Master Trainer, and co-owner of SURFSET® NYC, he is excited to share his enthusiasm for surfing, fitness, and coaching with the world. His motivation and focus on plyometric movements and core balance will have you in surfer shape in no time!


Lauren Kornutik

SURFSET® Fitness Trainer; 200 Hr Yoga Teacher; ACE Health Coach; B.S. Kinesiology & Exercise Science

Originally from Connecticut, Lauren's love for fitness lead her to North Carolina where she pursued a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. Craving the buzz of a city, she landed herself back near home to NYC. She has been integrating fitness and wellness into corporate companies for the past two years. She offers health programming, personal training, group exercise, and yoga classes to help break the habit of sitting for long periods of time. 

The beach being her real true love, SURFSET® captivated her the first time she stepped into the studio. Suddenly the concrete jungle had SURFING! Becoming a Tier 1 SURFSET® Trainer, alongside being a 200hr Yoga Teacher, she soon realized she could fuse the two for a killer workout. Her classes fuse surf stances, yoga poses, and lot's of shark talk! 


Allison Wortman

SURFSET® Fitness Trainer

Allison first tried SURFSET® Fitness while on her own weight loss and fitness journey. As soon as she stepped onto the Rip SurferX in her first class, she knew this was going to be the perfect addition to her workout routine.

The challenging workout, and the fun, encouraging environment kept bringing her back for more.  After regularly taking SURFSET® classes for years, Allison decided to earn her instructor certification and begin teaching SURFSET® classes.

She takes her experience from training teenagers and young adults in team building and leadership as a summer camp director, and her enthusiasm and experience in SURFSET® Fitness, to create classes that are challenging workouts, and also a fun time.