SURFSET® New York City is a surf-inspired business that specializes in total body workouts inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports - surfing! You will work similar muscles and skills used surfing in a fun, challenging, core-focused workout that will leave you covered in saltwater (aka sweat) from head to toe!

You don’t need to be a surfer to train your mind, body & soul like one. All our classes are for surfers & non-surfers alike!

SURF (Surfboard-Based)

With a custom-made surfboard designed to mimic the instability of being on water, you will increase your stability, enhance your cardio capabilities and strengthen your body (especially core) in the most effective, functional ways possible.


SHORE (Mat-Based)

New SHORE classes incorporate all the surf-inspired challenges you love in a mat-based workout without surfboards. SHORE Circuit classes incorporate surf-inspired challenges with “beach tools” from sand weights to volleyballs to balance pods. SHORE Yoga classes are Vinyasa-style Yoga classes that focus on strength, stability and flexibility. SHORE classes are a great complement to our SURF classes or an awesome option for those that prefer to stay on stable land.